Silver Grail Update

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, March 7, 2007

Today, Al Korelin of the Al Korelin Economics report got me to talk about the new forum at

Then, we begain talking about my recent article:

5 Micro-Cap, Multi-Property, Silver Explorers

Where I presented the companies rather equally, since they have far more in common than anything that distinguishes one from another.

Later, I realized that he had cornered me on his Radio show, and got me to admit which one of the 5 stocks I like the best, and why. 

It would be unfair if I didn't mention this to you, too.

Silver Grail.  I own the most of it, compared to the others.  The reason I still like it even now, is that it has the smallest market cap.  Also, Silver Wheaton, a multi billion dolllar major, has invested and owns 10% of Sabina Silver, which is exploring (and thus pursuing) Del Norte.  Silver Grail ran an aero survey that shows their Konkin property to have an "anamoly" that is larger in area than Del Norte, and may be stronger, too, which could indicate more mineralization.  Take a look at the map:

Of course, we have to wait for drilling this summer, but I think these modern day magnetic air surveys are beginning to get more accurate.  We'll see.

But I like the possibility that I own so much of something that may be better.  We'll see.  I hope Silver Grail explores this property for at least two drilling seasons before doing any sort of JV deal with a major.

You can hear me on Al's show in about an hour, 4pm Pacific time, today.

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