Terbolizard's Congressional Race Heats Up

(It's going well, but please donate)

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by Jason Hommel, April 13, 2008

My elder brother, Theodore Terbolizard (who changed his last name from Hommel over a decade ago), is running for the Republican nomination to run for Congress in California's 4th District, and the vote is about 6 weeks away on June 3rd. Since the district is overwhelmingly Republican and Libertarian, the primary is the real race.

Terbo Ted, as we call him, understands and supports free market capitalism. On every issue, his view is for more freedom for the people, and less freedom for the government.

This is the same end result of buying silver, of course; it takes back illegitimate power from the government, and puts it back into the hands of those who buy silver. I think buying silver is more effective at driving political change than voting, and Ted thinks we need to be more active in direct politics. Who am I to say which path is wiser? Tough call.

Charles Savoie, writer at Silver-Investor.com, has long advocated more political involvement that I have, to protect our freedom to buy silver and avoid confiscation or further economic disruptions, but I've always maintained that we don't need to do much politically until later. Has the time now come?

The campaign is one of the most highly watched campaigns in the nation right now as the Republican incumbant is plagued by scandals, and is not running, which removes a huge barrier, since incumbants have such a large advantage.

One other contender, Doug Ose, another Republican, is loaning his own campaign $849,000, which has raised the spending cap on individual donations to $6,900 per individual U.S. resident (corporations cannot donate).

If I've helped you make a substantial amount of money in silver, I would like you to consider making a donation up to the maximum of $6,900 to Ted's campaign, or anything less that you feel is appropriate for you.

You can find out more about Ted and his views, and can make a donation, here:

So far, Ted's campaign has raised only about $10,000, despite my repeated requests for your help. I've spent several times more than the maximum on a TV campaign that nearly everyone in the district seems to have seen, and the TV AD can be seen here:

(While direct contributions to Ted's campaign are limited, anyone can spend their own money however they wish to promote a candidate.)

We feel that Ted has a real shot at winning, since Ted's views are right, and popular in the district. Other free market candidates have earned up to 40% of the vote by spending a mere $100,000, but Ted has already been recognized on a national scale as one of the leading new free market Republican contenders. Like other free market candidates, it seems that Ted can win by spending much less money than the other Republicans who are pro-war, pro-big government, and have records of wasteful spending, raising taxes, and taking away the rights of the people.

Already, Ted's campaign has the best web site, the best print pieces, the best TV commercials, and Ted is the dominant and most likable and lively public speaker at the candidate forums.

On April 15th, Ted will be going to Washington for a Freedom Rally, where there will be a gathering of many freedom groups that will call for an end to excessive and unjust taxation, and increased faith in free market economics.

To follow the April 15th event, see

While many of my readers think of me as brave, saying that I'm literally laying my life on the line to get the message out about the benefits of silver and the evils of paper money and usury, Ted is more brave, directly taking on tax issues I'd rather not mention.

We were both ski racers growing up. We were very competitive, and we still are.

Terbo Ted's not scared of this battle; for both of us, we do this for fun, because otherwise, we'd be bored to tears with our lives.

But also, how can we truly enjoy the freedoms we do, without fighting for freedom for others? We could waste our lives on personal pleasures such as skiing all winter, as we have a family cabin right on the ski hill, but since Ted is running for Congress, and since I study the stocks and write, we only skied 2 days together this season. It's a real sacrifice we make to transform the world around us, and it is well worth it, and we are still trying to out-do each other while helping each other. We understand the benefits of competition, it brings out the best in us.

To get the freedom message out does cost money, but not nearly as much as the other guys will spend. Don't overlook the effectiveness of your contributions. I've spent an average of $5 per email on this list, about $400,000, just to get my messages to you, but I have been able to do that only by spending the money that comes in for the "look at my portfolio"; they are the true sponsors of this message.

This is part of my long term plan. I thought, if I can help people make money, then maybe they can help me effectively advocate positive political change. Perhaps it's too early, perhaps the silver price is too low, and it's not yet worth it to spend some silver to to reach out to people with the freedom message, but perhaps not. According to the free market way, everything is entirely up to you.

To donate:

Everyone is encouraged to promote the campaign in any way they choose, in accordance with free market principles.

Yes, I know this is the Silver Stock Report. And yes, politics has everything to do with silver. Please re-read my article on the "True Reflections of Silver" that I wrote nearly two years ago in 2006. It's modeled after the Declaration of Independence.

If you want info on stocks, please use the tool for that: www.miningpedia.com. To reward those who read this full message, here's a tip: my newest and largest free market acquisition is Silver Eagle. Ticker: SEG.TO. It's the top silver company at miningpedia.com, you'll see it's a great stock.


    Jason Hommel

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