Gold Rush

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, Jan 25, 2006

The GOLD RUSH of the 21st Century!

I strongly urge you to buy the GATA DVD. It contains over 8 hours of footage from the gold conference in the Yukon that cost $3000 to attend (I went), which was attended by about 100 delagates, in August 2005.  This conference exposed the manipulation of the gold price through undisclosed central bank gold sales that started around 1996.  The attendees were a list of "who's who" in the gold world, many fine speakers, many mining company executives, and several billionaires attended.  One of the big wigs was the personal economic advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Andrey Bykov.  Bykov said this was the best conference he ever attended.  Many presentations explained why the gold price will head to $3000 to $5000 per ounce as the gold price manipulation must soon end, and free market forces will be released.  Hugo Salinas Price gave a speech on how to re-introduce silver coinage by getting a central bank to back his silver coin proposal. 

Take a look at the speakers of this event!

The DVD normally costs $20 at

Why is the DVD so cheap if the conference cost so much to attend?  Well, the conference was attended by some serious big money guys, and it had to be limited to 100 people, as that was the hotel capacity in Dawson City in the Yukon--a remote location that may have made some people feel more safe to attend.  Plus, those who attended learned all of this information back in August, 2005.  The DVD is only available now, months later, now that the gold price is $130/oz. higher than it was a few months ago.

This DVD may well have caused the gold price to increase!  Since the conference, Vladimir Putin spoke about wanting to increase Russian Central Bank Gold reserves.  And there is more discussion in China about diversifying a mere 10% of their dollar into gold, which would be far more gold than the market trades in a year!

This DVD can bring you up to speed on what is really going on in the gold market, without having to do the hard research of the last 5 years as I, and the speakers at this event, have done.  I think it is crucially important for you to understand these issues if you are a precious metals investor.  Once you understand what has taken place, you will see why the gold price will not top out at $700, or $1000, and that those prices are only the beginning of a much longer gold bull market trend that will last a generation. 

I have written my own essays over the past few years explaining why GATA, who is producing this DVD, is not nearly as bullish on gold as they should be, because there are many more reasons why the central bank gold sales are not the only thing that will drive gold prices much higher.   A few of these essays are linked below:

Major Frauds of the U.S. Monetary System
- 26 February 2004  **** --my most widely appreciated, and re-quoted, re-published essay.  --a good lead in to the whole issue.

The Moral Failures of the Paper Longs <> - 22 January 2003 +++ nobody speaks on this.

Future Gold & Silver Prices --December 21, 2005

But that's not all!  Silver is even better than gold, because 95% of all gold mined is held for investment purposes.  In the silver market, more silver than is mined each year is consumed by industry!  So, there is a silver shortage! 

Silver Users Fear Silver Shortage

If the gold manipulation, which is ending, will be good for gold, then the silver shortage will really cause silver prices to skyrocket well beyond what we can even imagine!

And silver stocks are poised to rise even more than silver, due to the fact that you can buy ounces of silver in the ground for as low as $.25 to $.30 per ounce when you buy some of the best and cheapest silver stocks.

I strongly urge you to buy this DVD at  Or order ten or twenty DVD's for yourself, and give them to all of your friends and family members.  You, and they, will need this crucial information to protect yourself from the monetary fraud that is poised to steal your wealth.

(This is not an ad for a DVD.  This is an endorsement!  GATA has not paid me to send this out.   I have donated money to GATA's cause!  These are men who speak the truth on this DVD, and honest money is a cause I wholeheartedly believe will be the best for all men on earth!)


Jason Hommel