Senator Minerals

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, September 14, 2006

Stock symbols at Yahoo! Finance:  SNR.V and SMLCF.PK on the pink sheets for U.S. investors.
Senator Quick Fact Sheet
19.3 million shares fully diluted
@ $.20 Cdn/share
Market Cap: $3.5 million U.S.

Senator Minerals is run by Tony Simon, who owns something like 1/3 of the stock in the company, the most that is allowed by the rules of the exchange.  Tony's net worth is greater than the market cap of the company. 

I've spoken at many of the mining shows in Canada, and Tony shows up at the speaker's dinners, but I've never seen him give a presentation.  He's that well connected.  Tony even showed up at Gold Rush 21 up in the Yukon, and I was surprised to see him there.  Afterwards, we had dinner together in Vancouver (where I stopped in my travels to visit a few companies), and he said he didn't realize how bullish the story was for gold until that event, and that he thought he had less than a year to get all of his finances in order to fully prepare.  (The gold price was about $430/oz. back then, and has never looked back.)

Senator Minerals has 7 properities in Nevada, and 5 of them are potential elephants, or potentially contain systems of mineralization so large that they could tempt a major mining company.

Tony was looking for Joint Venture partners for the properties, being willing to give away about a 50% interest in those properties if the partner spent somewhere between $750,000 to $1.5 million on the properties.  He found a few partners who are now exploring some of their properties.

I've owned the stock for about a year and a half.  I got a good price at about $.13/share on the open market.  The stock bottomed at $.08, but so few shares traded, like 5,000 or so, I didn't bother to pick up any more.  This is the kind of small market cap company that I'd like to put like 10% of my net worth into, but if I did that, I'd own about 1/3 of the company, too.  So, instead, I limited myself to 260,000 shares, which is more than ten times as much as average trading volume.  A reasonable risk, but not nearly as much as Tony has on the line.  I've told Tony in the past, "Don't expect me to write up Senator, the stock has to 'grow up' first, and the stock is just too small to share with my many readers."  He understood, and he's never asked me to write it up.  Still hasn't.

But Tony did something interesting this May, which caught the interest of a few major investors which drove the stock price up to $.52/share Cdn.  Senator acquired an option to acquire a 50% interest in the Hill End project in Australia.   Here's what's really special:  Hill End is the source location of the world's largest chunk of gold, 3100 ounces, all in one chunk, found in the late 1800's.  The property is almost "unexplored" according to modern standards.

I was surprised to see the stock price drop from $.30 to $.20/share in the last week, and I thought it was about time I shared this opportunity with my readers.

Take a look at the company summary:
The website:
And you can view a 9 minute interview of Tony speak about Senator here:

Tony really understands the bull market for gold and commodities that we are in--and you can hear that at the end of the smartstox interview.  That is a crucial element, I think, in picking a winning company. 


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