Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital Review

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When the world economy is struggling, people often want to return to their roots. Sometimes that means investing in precious metals. Gold and silver have been mainstays of the global economy for centuries, and when modern economics seem to fail, people return to those assets.

Many people are concerned about their retirement savings. If you're planning for a comfortable retirement, you want to make sure that you have a diverse portfolio. You need enough assets that bring in passive income to live on, but you also need hedges in case major economic factors cause problems.

Gold can be put into your IRA as long as you follow the federal regulations. This provides a hedge against depreciation of the US dollar, as well as a hedge against stock market crashes. If the stock market crashes, the price of gold will often go up. This means that you'll have a "cushion" of coins to liquidate until the economy stabilizes enough to recreate your passive income.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Marin Aleksov
  • Rating: 2.0/5

About Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital Review

The average American doesn't have enough money in their savings to cover an emergency, let alone to make a complicated investment portfolio. Many people can only dream of being able to secure some of their bank account's assets in gold.

But one third of Americans do have at least one retirement account that they regularly contribute to. Traditional retirement accounts use traditional assets, which don't include precious metals. If you want to transfer some of your retirement savings into gold, you can do that, but you'll need to open a self-directed IRA.

Rosland Capital is one of many gold dealerships that specializes in buying gold for retirement. Most of their customer base is made up of people looking for gold IRA products. Their job is to help you with opening your self-directed IRA and funding it, so that you can purchase their products for your retirement. They have in depth knowledge about the account regulations and the approved products.

Rosland Capital was founded in 2008 by Marin Aleksov, the current CEO. Today, the headquarters is in Santa Monica, California. In addition to helping United States clients with their retirement accounts and cash purchases, Rosland Capital also has client bases in international areas such as Hong Kong, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

Rosland Capital is an extremely large and popular precious metals dealership, as evidenced by their international reach. They have received the endorsements of commentators and celebrities like Bill O'Reilly and William Devane. On top of this, they are well known in certain political circles due to their advertising campaigns on network television and talk radio shows.

Products and Services

Rosland Capital Review

When you go to Rosland Capital's website, you might be initially overwhelmed by just how much there is. The site is sorted into tons of different categories that will appeal to a variety of different consumers. Though they do have gold IRA expertise, that's not the only service that they provide.

You can look at their inventory online by browsing through the store section of the website. It's possible to browse categories by the type of precious metal, narrowing the search down by gold, silver, palladium, or platinum. You can also take a look at pages of exclusively bars or coins. Then there are additional categories such as:

  • IRA-eligible products, which can all be bought with retirement funds
  • PGA Tour products, which are exclusive collections
  • Formula 1 products, which are another exclusive collection
  • Other exclusive specialty coins

Rosland Capital often works with certain organizations and refineries to distribute special collector's items. The PGA Tour and Formula 1 products are just one example of that.

Like with many of the most reputable precious metals companies, Rosland Capital believes in educating clients. They don't think that anyone should buy precious metals unless they have all of the information. Then you can make an informed decision about whether a purchase is right for you, and how much money you want to put toward that purchase.

In addition to their online educational resources, you can call and speak to a customer service representative at any time. They'll be able to answer whatever questions you have or transfer you to someone who knows the answers.

Rosland Capital doesn't have a major focus on "upselling" or trying to push as many products onto you as possible. They genuinely want to give you the most accurate information, even if that means that they don't make a sale.


Rosland Capital Review

If you're planning to buy gold with your IRA, then you should only be browsing the IRA-eligible products in Rosland's inventory. But if you're planning to make your purchase using your own savings, then the entire catalog is open to you.

When it comes to IRAs, only certain bars and coins can be used. The coins need to be pure and from a sovereign mint, while the bars need to be pure and certified in some way. Bars can come from any refinery as long as they have one of the IRS's approved certifications.

Rosland Capital typically has some of the most popular choices for gold IRAs. They offer American coins like American Eagles and American Buffaloes. Then there are international options like the Canadian Maple Leaf. Sovereign mints around the globe have created coins that meet the IRS standards, so you can ask your Rosland Capital representative about what's available.

As mentioned, gold is popular because it hedges against economic problems and inflation. If you invest in gold right before a stock market crash, you'll typically see returns right away.

Silver, platinum, and palladium can also be kept in an IRA as long as they meet the right purity standards. Rosland Capital has multiple silver and platinum products. Their inventory sometimes contains palladium American Eagles or minted bars, but palladium is a rarer resource to find.

You can buy collectible coins at Rosland Capital. These cannot be kept in your retirement account. The price of collectible coins tends to be speculative, and some customer reviews indicate that Rosland prices them at a high markup. The theory is that the demand for the coins might go up in the future, leading the value to skyrocket. But this is a risky venture with no guarantee of rewards.

The collectible coins available will vary widely from day to day. Sometimes Rosland Capital has certain historical coins in their inventory. Sometimes there are non-sovereign coins that commemorate events, organizations, sports, or influential figures. As mentioned, Rosland Capital has deals with multiple entities to provide exclusive access to collectible products.

With many gold IRA companies, coin collectors don't have much to look forward to. The price of gold IRA coins is largely based on the melt value, plus the ease of liquidity. These products are extremely limited when compared to the thousands and thousands of different rare coins and metals on the market.

But because Rosland has so many collectible coins and exclusive collections, the company can be considered a sort of numismatic dream. They don't have the biggest or most diverse coin collections in the world, but they do often have offerings that would be considered a treat for avid coin collectors.

Unique Aspects

Rosland Capital Review

You might be wondering whether there is anything that sets Rosland Capital apart from other competing companies.

Their exclusive coin collections do set them apart. They have access to multiple products that you literally cannot buy anywhere else. So if you're a fan of sports like Formula 1, you'll find that they might have what you're looking for.

They are also unique in that they focus both on gold IRAs and on international clients. Other countries don't have the same retirement account setups that Americans do, and it's common for gold companies to be unfamiliar with US tax law. But Rosland Capital effortlessly juggles both the international clients and the Americans who need help with their tax paperwork.

Rosland Capital works with the successful economist named Jeffrey Nichols as well. He is responsible for advising the customers and managers at the company, giving them economic insights and helping them to prepare for the future. Even if you don't interact with him directly, you can read about his expertise in the pieces he writes for the company's newsletter.

It's helpful to have this kind of expertise available. Many companies don't have strong economists behind them, which makes it difficult to predict the markets. While there's never any guarantee of the future, trained economists can analyze different global factors and trends in order to make reasonable predictions.

There are also quite a few educational tools online, although Rosland Capital is far from the only company to offer these things. Most of the best gold IRA companies provide their own educational content. In keeping with this, Rosland's website has many articles, blog posts, and other pages explaining different aspects of the precious metals industry.

Like several other top companies, Rosland Capital also offers a free investment kit. This kit comes with resources that teach you about gold IRAs, the global gold market, retirement accounts, general economics, and available products. You can learn about the factors at play with various market forces, determine what kind of gold purchases are best for you, and feel more empowered to analyze the confusing financial data that's published every day.


If you're buying collectible coins or bullion with your cash, then you generally don't need to worry about fees. For IRA customers, your fees will go to Equity Institutional. This is the gold IRA custodian that has partnered with Rosland Capital, and they will maintain your account.

There is an initial setup fee of $50, which is to open your account and get your paperwork in order. Then you'll pay $100 every year to your custodian for maintenance. Your storage fees will vary depending on which facility and what type of vault you choose, but they range from $100 to $150.

If you want to be mailed paper copies of your account statements, you have to pay a $40 convenience fee. But if you have the statements sent electronically, there are no additional fees.

Is Rosland Capital a Scam?

Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital isn't a scam. There's no doubt that customers have received the products that they paid for, and that the company operates legitimately. They are such a large firm with such a wide reach that it would be impossible to fake this. You can find hundreds of verified reviews online.

The company also has good reviews from certain consumer watchdogs. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ because they have responded to all of the negative feedback against them. The Business Consumer Alliance gives them their coveted AAA rating. This is the highest rating possible, and it indicates a company that operates with a high level of ethics and success.

However, the customer reviews are not always overwhelmingly positive. There has been some mixed feedback on different websites. While there are dozens of people who have detailed perfectly pleasant and reasonable encounters with Rosland Capital, there are others who have written scathing reviews. It seems like there's very little in-between; people are either thrilled or furious.

You can see that reflected in the number of complaints online. You'll find some complaints with any company of this size, especially considering the hundreds of reviews. The BBB shows 21 complaints within the prior three years, and the BCA shows six complaints closed in the same time period. While this is higher than ideal, it's also a small ratio compared to the overall consumer reviews.

When we looked at the complaints, we were surprised by how varied they are. Rather than having any one pattern of miscommunication or mismanagement, it seems like Rosland's customers have managed to complain about everything. Some of the grievances brought up in complaints included:

  • The available coins were significantly marked up.
  • The customer received precious metals that were different from the ones they had ordered.
  • The deliveries were delayed, lost, or otherwise interrupted.
  • The customer service representatives did not return calls, answer emails, or help find solutions to problems.

Whenever someone files an official complaint against Rosland Capital, the company always responds to it. They try to explain what happened and come up with a mutually beneficial solution. Some customers have stated that they don't accept Rosland's solutions, but others have found that the issues are resolved to their satisfaction.

According to Rosland's website, delivery of your precious metals might take up to two weeks, depending on where you're located. It's possible that delivery times are different for international clients. They do their best to provide realistic time frames and expectations of when your package will arrive.

Pros & Cons of Rosland Capital


  • Top marks from both the BBB and the BCA, something that's difficult to do.
  • Gold IRA expertise for Americans, as well as international options for clients in multiple other countries.
  • Variety of exclusive products available like collectible coins commemorating the PGA Tour.


  • Quite a few complaints and mixed reviews.
  • Issues have been reported with delayed and missing deliveries.
  • Prices for coins have apparently been quite high in the past.

Final Thoughts

Rosland Capital is a large precious metals dealer with a huge inventory and many services. They go beyond the scope of normal gold IRA dealers by having an international presence and many non-IRA products. Whether you're buying gold with your savings or with your future income, you know that you're working with a well established company.

However, well established doesn't always mean that they're the best of the best. Despite celebrity endorsements and persistent advertising campaigns, Rosland Capital has struggled to maintain consistent client satisfaction. While many reviews of the company are positive, there are also tons of mixed reviews that aren't. Dozens of complaints have been filed across multiple websites.

Customers have basically complained about every aspect of the purchase process at some point. They say that the staff are non-communicative, the packages are delayed, the products are mixed up, the prices are too high, and it was too difficult to get a refund. Not all of these factors are consistent for every complaint.

In addition, many of the complimentary reviews contradict these statements. There are plenty of customers who have said that they received exactly what they ordered in a timely manner, as well as customers who praise the responsiveness and helpfulness of the staff. It seems like Rosland Capital is a hit-or-miss company.

Because the feedback is so hit-or-miss, we don't really recommend working with them. There's too much risk that you might have a frustrating experience. It's a better idea to work with companies that have consistently positive feedback, especially ones that provide solutions to customer issues. Our top choice in the gold IRA industry is Goldco, but we have many recommended options.

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